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Uncover Happiness By way of Frivolous Creativity

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Part of discovering happiness is seeing it in an individual else, perhaps another person close to us. Doing anything for someone else has its own reward and if you’ve ever performed a type act for someone else you’ll know the feeling.

Another part of happiness comes from making a personal resourceful effort. Doing something, achieving something, or creating anything can all transfer to a feeling of happiness. It does not even have to be a major effort on your part, you’ll be able to knock something up in minutes. The activity ought to be satisfying and if the end result’s also good, well, all towards the better.

So why not combine the two and do something innovative for a good friend or relative?

In this age of high tech communication it is never been less difficult to do it. You can use a cellphone with a camera, or possibly a drawing or painting application on your computer.

Take an unusual picture in your super smart cellular phone and add a funny caption, several handsets now have this functionality. Maybe take a photograph of your self and use the photo editor to draw in some extra huge hair or a giant handlebar moustache. But do be sure you’re the butt of the joke and that you might be not defacing a friend’s picture! That could finish in tears, and not tears of joy.

Give it a go. You may laugh while you might be executing it, you will be excited at the anticipation of your buddy receiving it and you know they’ll appreciate the gesture – it’ll brighten their day to know you thought about them – and they might even return the favor and deliver 1 back to you.

It does not matter if you happen to be not inclined towards humor, you can still take a photo and deliver it to a buddy with a note expressing genuine sentiment. It’ll make them smile knowing that you cared.

Your creation doesn’t have to be high-tech. It could be a little doodle on a post it note stuck towards the fridge door. Or maybe a short message utilizing those magnetic fridge letters. It’s just a little corny but each now and then it is fun to do.

The point is you’re performing one thing creative, and in that sense it’s fulfilling. You are also executing it for another person giving the experience added depth because you’ve made them happy too.

Doing some thing like this can support to change your state of mind if you happen to be feeling a bit down, so why not give it a go? Select five people today from your contacts list and deliver them a personalized image or maybe a drawing today!

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