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Ten Rich of Beauties Cities in The World

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Top 10: Hong Kong China


As We all known, Hongkong’s step is faster than the pace of life of New York, , work still busy than London, beautiful landscape is more charming than Paris. Many female models and actors in a tight schedule over will come to Hong Kong to fully relax. Since reunification, the regular beauties will see the mainland to visit Hong Kong.



Top 9: Tel Aviv Israel


In this city, you will find here is the exquisite beauty. Look for nightlife here , charming beaches, you will obviously feel the eyeballs are not enough; However, before long you will find women here are just like you, handsome guy like clouds in the city, so that “colored women” who dizzying.


Top 8: Montreal, Canada

This is a Canadian city full  of French flavor, is a convergence of European culture and North American style city, but also a large number of national integration in the city. In Montreal, you will find beauty here, eclectic, all races, all colors, all kinds of size, variety of styles, everything. The city’s many institutions of higher learning, every year the influx of a large number of freshman (freshmen), for the city into fresh (fresh) of the “blood.” The city with 200 million people, “Beauty density” is high.


Top 7: Stockholm, Sweden


The city’s many universities, young beauties are more enough to be loaded by truck. If you do not believe, can go trendy Sture plan district around, where “eight days a week, 25 hours a day,” waiting for you at any time. If you think too Stureplan fashion, not for you, you can walk around to the south of the city, where beautiful women dressed casually, buy a beer, relax and enjoy leisure air here.


Top 6: Miami and Los Angeles U.S.


If you like to see “artificial beauty”,; but is skinny beauty of your appetite, then go Miami. Hollywood as a film center, the beauty of this issue that should have a quite say, In addition, there are a lot of American cities, can be regarded as “Beauty’s nest”, such as New York, Houston, and Dallas; on, and must not be less Las Vegas.


Top 5: Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, famous for beer and women, however, if three-body version of hot star Veronika – DiGiorgio Nova dangling in front, who Gude Shang beer ah! However, to advance it clear that not all women are like the body of Prague. But definitely worth a visit in Prague, buy a glass of Pilsner Urquell beer; sit on the curb it slowly to enjoy a visual feast.


Top 4: Copenhagen, Denmark


People who have been to Copenhagen will be on the tall, beautiful women here, remember, when we do this “world’s top ten beauty nest” voted, they will not forget to Copenhagen one vote.



Top 3: Caracas, Venezuela


Venezuela in a friendly, hospitable, with amusing Venezuelan woman to make friends is very easy, especially in the capital Caracas. Here’s a woman beautiful, sexy, elegant, Words cannot describe. In a variety of beauty contest, Miss Venezuela is often the last to win title, no squeeze into the finals in women’s beauty pageant of Venezuela, you heard it? Early years, the pirates with a large number of booty looted landed in Caracas, pearl agate, gold and silver as much as natural Needless to say, but with the sweep to the beauty to the ratio become eclipsed by the treasure. Today, Caracas dream of every man land.


Top 2: Milan, Italy


Italy is the fashion capital, is the natural “beauty capital,” how to say it has less points to win the “unfair” because the place where there are fashionable, more naturally beautiful.


Top 1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, famous for two things: the beach and the beach beautiful. beauties on the Beach, not only sexy, attractive, but also outgoing and friendly. If you are a jazz fan, you certainly heard of Bossa Nova’s “The Girl from Ipanema”, just as in the song sung, as gathered on the beach with hot, beautiful woman, and, bikini cloth was minimal (China National Geographic Network Zhang to)

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