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Should You Do Thick Grip Forearm Exercises? Are They Useless?

August 12, 2010 by admin  
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I see a lot of guys in the gym who neglect working out their forearms. But think about it, forearm strength is essential if you want to increase your strength gains, and increase the amount you can lift in the gym. Athletes who use their forearms for a lot of work, like boxers, tennis players, etc.. will notice the best results from doing forearm exercises on a regular basis.

Sometimes the best exercises are the simplest. One of my favorite exercises for building forearm strength is doing 50-100 Pushups as soon as I wake up. If you do this everyday for one week you’ll notice a huge difference in your forearm strength.

Another one of my favorite exercises to do to increase forearm strength is to get a barbell with a little weight on it, sit down next to a bench, and put my forearms over the bench. Then you’ll want to curl the barbell using only your forearm muscles. After about 10 reps you’ll feel a huge burn, and that’s a sign that it’s working properly.

I wouldn’t advise women to do forearm exercises, as this might make you look a little weird if you have bigger forearms then the guy you’re dating. But if you’re a guy, and you want to see strength gains in the gym on all your other workouts involving your arms (benchpress, dumbbell flies), definitely give this a try. Working out your forearms can be the key to getting over that plateau you’ve been stuck at.

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