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Quick Neck Saving Tips to Tighten Sagging Neck Skin Without Surgery

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Most of us tend to focus primarily on facial care and disregard the essential care also needed by the neck, chest, and hands. As a result, we may have a youthful complexion to show for because of the care provided however, our necks and other body areas which are often neglected tell a whole different story.

Aging, genetics, environmental elements, and diet affect the way skin ages. Although factors such as aging and genetics for the most part cannot be controlled, we can control to a certain extend other skin aging culprits such as environmental elements that prematurely ages the skin as well as the type of topical products used. Consider these tips to naturally fight the tell tale signs of loose and saggy skin.

become sun wise

If anything, this is the first and most important tip to prevent further loss of youthful looking skin and tighten sagging neck skin without surgery. Now, for those of us that are over and beyond… you may want to kick yourselves from reading this sun fact: did you know that 80% of symptoms that appear later on in age are the result of sun damage that has occurred before the age of 18?

Damaging sun rays break down elastin fibres not only in the facial skin area but also in the neck area that causes skin to loosen and sag.

Darn it! O.k. so we may not have known way back then, but we now know today that there are no good enough reasons to substantiate the still ill desire of a sun kissed looked. We see and come to know very well today the capable and damaging effects that come about from long and continuous exposure to Mr. Sun.

Lucky for us, a few select skin care companies have come to the rescue of our aging skin to reverse the sun’s damaging effects through carefully formulated, cutting edge skin care technology.

In goes without saying then to prevent further skin deterioration and tighten sagging neck skin without surgery, reduce the amount of time spent in the sun. Whenever outdoors, be sure to apply wear protective clothing and a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects exposed body parts especially the face, neck, chest and hands.

use anti aging skin care

In addition to being sun smart, you can firm and tighten sagging neck skin without surgery now by using natural anti aging skin care formulated to especially target and treat the visible tell tale signs of aging.

Most of us have done a great job by concentrating on facial skin care and not neck care. Consequently those areas neglected are quick to reveal and tell one’s age.

Boost and give saggy skin a lift with safe ingredients proven to tone and moisturize forgotten areas. Keep your close entourage mysteriously perplexed and guessing your age, by using quality skin care that serves to de age round the clock and keeps sagginess and other aging signs reduced to a bare minimum.

Use cosmetics that can lift and tone neck and facial skin. Safe products that combine for example age fighting ingredients such as Cynergy Tk and the special nano-emulsion form of CoQ10 have been proven in clinical studies to provide dramatic anti-sagging effects on the face and neck due to their ability to increase collagen and elastin levels. Phytessence Wakame is another top performing ingredient, praised by many Japanese for its skin preserving abilities. Rich in the B vitamins, calcium and minerals it is viewed as an antioxidant which works to tone and increase skin elasticity.

quick neck exercise

Here’s a neat little exercise that helps reduce stress levels that commonly hit the neck area but also helps to tighten sagging neck skin without surgery.

Gently bring the head forward and direct your head once to the left side and then back to the right side, several times. Then centre your head upright and tilt it gently towards the back. Take care not to go too far back to avoid neck injury. Keep the head slightly tilted while you gently stretch forward and upward both the jaws and lower lips. Repeat several times. Perform this quick exercise each day to fight sagginess and tighten the neck area.

So there you have it…quick saving neck tips to tighten sagging neck skin without surgery. It is easy and doable with no significant impact for those on a tight budget.

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