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Quibids Scam – Is Quibids A Penny Auction Scam?!

February 8, 2011 by admin  
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I recently became interested in trying out something new on the internet called penny auctions. Mainly because a friend of mine kept showing off all the new cool electronics he said he got a really low price by using these types of auctions. I thought he was just joking with me until I did some research on what exactly they were. From my research I found out that the biggest penny auction site on the internet was Quibids, and that it looked like they offered some really good discounts. Here’s my review of these new auctions:

I signed up for Quibids, thinking that the biggest name in penny auctions would equal a lot more savings for me. Unfortunately, I was mistaken in that belief. I did get several new items at a discount by using Quibids, but I soon found the goldmine of penny auction sites after my friend recommended I give BidSauce a try.

Quibids allowed me to get a couple of gift cards for a couple of dollars, but after I used BidSauce I ended up getting a new iPad, iPhone 4, AND Gift cards all for under $120!! My friend said that they have a lot LESS competition since they’re a newer smaller site.

Also, the delivery times from BidSauce were pretty amazing! They delivered all the new products I won in less than 10 days…

Penny auctions definitely work, you just have to test out the right sites if you want to see good value for your money. I’d recommend trying BidSauce instead of Quibids… Make sure to use the coupon code: BONUSBIDS for 50 FREE Bids when you sign up!

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