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Eating Disorders – A Look At Bulimia and Anorexia in Women

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With the problem of having to look good all the time, young women across the world are starting to develop harmful eating disorders, that end up damaging their health. This is because our society has a need to portray women as super thin in the media. But, we all know that this ideal is not only unrealistic, it’s actually very detrimental to the health. If we look at most women we’ll find that most of them wear clothing between the sizes 12-17. The problem then lies with television, magazines, and movies, as all these different forms of media seem to portray extremely thin women as attractive.  This has caused many women to develop eating disorders in their efforts to achieve an unrealistic body that they’re shown in the media.

There are two diseases that are listed as eating disorders in the DSM. One is anorexia, and the other is bulimia. When women turn to literally starving themselves so that they can attain the goal of looking just like the women they see on television and in movies, they have a disease known as anorexia. On the other hand Bulimia is when women start binge eating after a period of starvation and then force themselves to throw up to get rid of all the food they just ate. These eating disorders are no joke, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In some cases, women can actually end up dying from these eating disorders.

The best therapy for eating disorders is preventative, meaning you want to nip the problem in the bud. One way you can do this is by teaching your children good eating habits at a young age. Feed them small meals 6 times a day, and give them a good and balanced nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are key if you want to teach children to eat healthy.

In terms of stopping a person from developing an eating disorder, you want to change the way they look at themselves. Teach them that beauty is not about being a stick figure, but about eating healthy and looking and feeling your best. The main problem lies with the media image given to women, so the solution is to stop watching television and movies that portray women as stick figures.

If you follow these tips you should be able to curb eating disorders and hopefully prevent them forever.

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