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Organics Foods: The Facts Revealed by a Recent Study

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A world-wide awareness of wellness issues have resulted in more and more men and women deciding to go natural and organic especially in terms of the foods choices they make when they go grocery shopping for their families. For most men and women this move is the result of a belief that natural and organic food contributes more to one’s overall health because of increased nutrients. There are numerous who have also made the switch since of your greater taste they believe organic and natural foods have.

Aided by this move and perception, the organic and natural market last yr grew by a whopping 18% in the US alone. Coming over the heels of these ‘positive’ developments for the natural business would be the latest research conducted inside the UK. This study, commissioned by UK’s FSA (Food Standard Agency) was led by Dr. Alan Dangour, (who can be a Public Well being Nutritionist) and a team of authorities from the well-known London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The examine took into consideration and examined data that has been compiled over the past 50 years. The outcomes have rocked the world, especially the organically grown industries and all of the consumers who’ve been forking out more money to pay for what they think are healthier products. The findings with the investigation analyze revealed that vegetables and fruits, in addition to dairy merchandise obtained from cattle which are organic-food fed bring no additional dietary worth to humans than their industrially produced counterparts.

Before you take this at face worth though, it’s vital to note that Dr. Alan Dangour is actually a nutritionist and as a result restricted his study to the nutritional aspect which does not take into consideration the effects of pesticides and insecticides which are ever present in frequently grown or processed foods products.

The analyze revealed that you will discover minimal nutrient variations between organically grown and chemically grown fruits, vegetables and other processed meals items including dairy and meat items. So minimal are these variations that Dr. Alan Dangour believes they’re practically irrelevant.

Though a whopping 52,000 scientific papers were looked at inside the course of your study, only 162 of them were stated to become relevant towards the study and that quantity went further down to 55 as the experts continued to search out those papers that met their top quality standards.

The organic marketplace along with The Soil Association, obviously aren’t pleased with this examine and its final results which they consider hasn’t taken into consideration some critical factors. Dr. Dangour mentioned that the impact of pesticides and insecticides may be the next place to get studied although there are no concrete plans for such a investigation as yet.

This, however, isn’t the final word on the problem so consumers will have to maintain watching and waiting. A second research in this location is now being awaited. This study led by Carlo Leifert, of Brussels is set to be published this quite year. Leifert is actually a professor inside field of Ecological Farming and is presently employed at Newcastle University.

In response to Dr. Dangour’s study Professor Liefert has revealed that his examine has discovered natural foods to be richer in antioxidants which he points out are helpful in combating heart disease and cancer.

Looking beyond the nutritional benefits, of natural food, shoppers and researchers alike will be able to appreciate the added benefits that organic farming has about the environment.

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