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Organic Foods – What Are The Reasons For Eating These Foods?

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There has been fairly a bit of talk about organic foods.  These are foods that are grown under different conditions than other foods.  There are certain chemical products that can’t be used on them.  They have to be handled in a certain way.  The soil has to not have certain fertilizers in them.  But many consider these to be superior for you compared to traditional agricultural techniques.

The first reason to look at eating organic foods is because you do avoid the chemicals and pesticides.  While to some this might not seem like a big deal, no one really knows the long term health effects of eating food that has these chemicals on them.  They could be harmless but at the same time there could be some effects that are unknown.

Some argue that organic food is more nutritious than traditionally grown foods.  The argument is that since the soil is full of nutrients the produce will be better for you.  There are some studies that have negated this thought, but there are also those that show it’s true.

There are also organic meat products.  These do not have the extra hormones that are found in your normal meat.  Some don’t like the idea of consuming these hormones over a long period of time.

There is a bit of debate over the long term effects of something called genetically modified foods.  Organic foods do not have any genetic manipulation in them at all.  This means you can avoid this type of food from coming into your body.

Organic foods as a whole tend to be a more environmentally friendlier process.  Since the soil and crops aren’t treated with oil based products, there is less effect on the environment and less products to ship to the growing area.  Typically organic is best as long as the source of the products are thousands of miles away compared to traditionally grown products.

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