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Lose Weight Swiftly Eating Organic Foods – Natural Food Benefits

November 5, 2010 by admin  
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Is it doable to lose weight swiftly by eating organic foods?  What are the benefits of organic food?  Is it really worth the extra money?

Yes, it is true, eating organic foods can help you lose weight very speedily once you have eliminated all the toxins from your system.   There are many additional benefits to eating organic foods including the fact that they contain more nutrients.

This may surprise you. A study was conducted in which samples from the FDA’s records were analyzed. There were numerous discrepancies in the contamination figures and almost half of the contaminates were illegal pesticides which were banned due to their toxic properties. Almost half are illegal ? – this is what we are eating? Pretty scary!

The dangerous toxins in our foods have increased and it is being blamed for the rapid weight gain we have seen in the population. These chemicals can cause your body to store fat and cause many different diseases. Our systems were not designed to process these toxins and our liver is being overworked and overloaded. Changing your diet and eating organic foods can help you lose weight and detoxify your system.

If you are still in doubt that eating organics can help you lose weight and are healthier for you, consider the fact that the chemicals put in many of our foods are fairly new and have only been consumed for a short period of time. The damage that they can do to us is mostly unknown. Our bodies were not designed to process these chemicals. Pesticides, hormones and preservatives can not be processed by our liver and it causes extreme damage to it.

Ingesting these toxins also disrupts the function of our metabolism which is essential to losing weight. When you eat organic foods your system digests them quickly and efficiently. When your system doesn’t have to process the additional chemicals your metabolism will increase and you will be less tired and have more energy. You will feel more like exercising and getting out and doing more. Eating healthy organic foods can help you lose weight, feel better and have more energy. They are a little bit more expensive but the benefits of organic food are well worth it.

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