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LeanSpa Acai REVIEW – Is LeanSpa Acai The Cure To Obesity?

October 8, 2010 by admin  
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Yep, that’s right, there’s another new acai berry product that’s just hit the market called LeanSpa Acai. Like many other acai berry products that you can buy online, this product promises to help you shed over 15 pounds of fat in one month. It’s made with the purest ingredients taken directly from South American Rainforests and manufactured in the United States. The real question to ask though is does this product actually help you lose weight? Since this is a review site, I felt it was my duty to try this new product out and since what happened…

Lucky for me I found a free trial of LeanSpa Acai online. Most new acai products that you can buy online offer free trials to get the word out. I ordered the free trial and paid less than $6 in shipping charges to have it sent to Canada. Once I received it in the mail (about 5 days), I started taking two pills per day. There are 60 tablets per bottle, so taking two pills per day = a month supply.

I didn’t see amazing benefits the first week of using LeanSpa Acai, although, I did lose 4 pounds. But the second week of taking it must have ended up kicking my metabolism in 24/7 fat burning mode because I lost 11 pounds! I also felt a surge of liveliness and energy in me. Losing 15 pounds of fat in two weeks is pretty decent, but I wanted to take it for the full month, because that’s when you’re really supposed to see good benefits.

I took two pills per day for the rest of the month, and I can’t begin to describe how much better I felt. At the end of ONE MONTH I had dropped 26 pounds of body fat! That’s not even the best part though. I actually felt healthier and more confident, and I was having an easy time falling asleep at night and waking up for work in the morning.

I was wrong to be skeptical of LeanSpa Acai, this product isn’t a scam, it’s the real thing. I’m actually starting to think that it’s the best weight loss product on the market today!

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