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Is There A Genetic Link Between Anxiety and Panic Disorders?

August 11, 2010 by admin  
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There’s been a lot of talk in the scientific community about anxiety and panic disorders having some sort of genetic basis. A lot of people will automatically jump on this bandwagon and claim that they suffer from anxiety issues passed on by their forefathers or other family members. The real question you should be asking is does it matter if there’s a genetic link?

What’s knowing it’s genetic going to do to prevent you from having a panic attack. Sure, maybe they’ll develop some gene therapy treatment for panic disorders in the future, but what’s this knowledge going to do for you RIGHT NOW?

Nothing. Either way, there’s no conclusive proof going either way. Scientists haven’t proven the genetic link to anxiety attacks and panic disorders, and they haven’t shown it to be false either.

One thing you should keep in mind is that everyone experiences anxiety. Every public speaker, every person doing anything worthwhile with their lives experiences anxiety. It doesn’t just affect you… The difference between you and them is that they face their anxiety head on, and conquer it. While, you try and hide from it.

We have to go to the root cause of anxiety and find the cure from there. Why do people get anxious? Because they feel threatened in some way. What feels threatened? Their physical existence. So the biggest anxiety we can have is a fear of death. Death is the ultimate boogie man.

It might be the case that people claim that public speaking is the number one fear (even greater than death). But that’s because no one ever thought of dying right this moment. They always put it off into the future. If someone were to give you the choice between public speaking now, or dying now, I’m pretty sure people would prefer public speaking.

Now that we have an understanding of where anxiety comes from, we can start figuring out how to overcome it. The best way is to focus on the thing that causes you the most anxiety. Dying… Start thinking about what it means to be dead more often, and you’ll find that you won’t sweat the little things anymore.

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