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How To Quit Smoking For Good – Quit Smoking And Feel Better

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With the total deaths per year totalling over 400,000 in the United States alone, smoking has become a global health problem that isn’t getting any better. If someone came up to you and said pay me to kill you, would you pay them? If you’re smoking right now, that’s exactly what you’re doing. The tobacco companies are getting rich off killing you slowly and painfully. Enough ranting, here’s how you can quit smoking once and for all…

Smoking is a terrible habit, but you have to realize that all this marketing by the governments about how hard it is to quit, and how you should get support when quitting is only making it harder for you to actually give it up. Quitting smoking is easy. If you think it’s hard to quit, then it’s going to be hard to quit. If you think it’s easy, it’ll be easy.

Forget about using patches, and nicotine gum, and go cold turkey. I promise going cold turkey on cigarrettes won’t kill you. You probably won’t feel any difference at all. I used to smoke nearly a pack per day, and one day I just decided smoking sucks. It makes your throat hurt, makes you spit out nasty phlegm, makes you smell nasty, and what does it get you? It sure as hell doesn’t make you popular. If you use smoking as a crutch to talk to people or be social, then that’s the root cause of your problem.

If that’s your problem, you’re going to have to go out and conquer your fear once and for all. Go out and stand outside like you normally would without having a cigarette. You don’t need to use a cigarette as an excuse to go outside for some fresh air and be sociable.

If you get a chance, check out a book on Amazon Called “Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking”. Trust me, that book will get you off the cancer sticks in no time.

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