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How To Lose Stomach Fat For Teens – 7 Tips To Make Your Fat Belly Into A Flat Belly

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You can make your body fat belly into a flat belly quite naturally. No need of starving no require of extreme diet plan control no need to have of rigorous exercises and no need to have of slimming pills. These 7 recommendations will show you how.

How do you know you might have a extra fat belly?

There are a few straightforward tests. Examine your belly – the location to the left or proper of the stomach button. Try to hold that area amongst your thumb and index finger. Can you hold it? You are able to not if you might have stomach fat. The measure of a flat belly is thickness of the two layers of flesh involving your fingers should not be much more than an inch.

Stand straight and hang a masons’ plumb rule holding its line touching the middle of your chest and its bob reaching just above your feet. If the bob hangs freely without its line touching your belly it really is the indication of a flat stomach.

There is really a much simpler test. When you take bath have a look at oneself inside mirror. Are you happy with what you see? If you’ve a bulging stomach you will definitely feel awkward and promise by yourself to do something about it. But the dilemma is once you get nicely dressed you will forget about it and go back to your usual techniques of bad living habits. Your dress hides most of your respective body defects.

How do you develop stomach bulge?

Some folks believe that sleeping right away soon after lunch causes bulging tummy. It truly is not true.

Reasons for belly bulge:

  • Drinking h2o just before and during food. Folks drink a lot of normal water before food to reduce the quantity of food items intake. Some persons drink water although eating food. In both cases the water remains in the tummy along with food stuff for a long time and causes stomach stretch.

  • Food rich in carbohydrates. Polished white rice refined wheat products etc. are filled with carbohydrates and practically nothing else. Your physique stores the additional carbohydrates within the form of fat.

  • Late night dinner. When you eat heavy late evening dinner (10 P.M. or later) and sleep there is no chance of burning all of the calories as there isn’t any physical activity. Most of the calories turn into fat.

  • Insufficient or no exercise. Present day automated world requires really little physical workout in our daily work. We may just move our hands and feet. No movement for abdominal muscles. These muscles turn out to be loose and begin stretching.

Fat gets stored in different places in males and females due the difference in sex hormones. For ladies extra fat gets saved in thighs buttocks and hips. It is saved in the stomach of men.

How do you turn your extra fat stomach into flat belly?

  1. Drink normal water only when the tummy is empty. It prevents stretching of abdominal muscles. Soon after drinking drinking water give a gap of half an hour prior to taking food. Similarly consume water two hours following food. This has numerous other health advantages too.

  2. Remove high calorie food items (refined rice refined wheat etc. which are filled with carbohydrates) and empty calorie foods (junk food) from your diet.

  3. Include plenty of vegetables and leafy greens in your diet. 75% of the foods ought to consist of vegetables or leafy greens.

  4. No cooked food items for breakfast. Consume only sprouted seeds. Involve 3 or 4 varieties of seeds.

  5. No cooked food stuff for dinner. Have two or three varieties of fruits with less calorie content. Examples: guava pomegranate papaya orange h2o melon.

  6. Finish your dinner amongst 6 P.M. and 7 P.M. No much more food items in solid or liquid form. In case you experience hungry later mix three spoonfuls of honey in a glass of normal water squeeze half a lemon into it and drink. Honey gives instant energy.

  7. Practice Utthana padasana and Naukasana. These asanas (postures) aid in reducing stomach extra fat much better than other conventional exercises.

With regular practice these 7 ideas will turn your excess fat belly into flat belly.

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