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How to Get Ripped Abs – Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat Today!

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A lot of people are under the assumption that one way to lose your stomach fat and get ripped abs is to do a lot of stomach crunches. Unfortunately, the only thing doing a ton of stomach crunches will get you is a lot of gas. If you’re trying to get ripped abs, or a 6 pack your best bet is to stop doing a whole bunch of crunches and start eating healthier foods. This article will explain how you can get ripped really quickly…

As a fitness expert, one question I hear all the time is, “How Can I Lose My Belly Fat”?

The simple answer I usually give is that to lose belly fat, you have to lose fat. And to lose fat, you have to eat less calories in a day than you usually do, while continuing to exercise. Who said weight loss was easy? Sure, doing stomach crunches can get you more muscles in your abdomen area, which means you get a stronger core. But if you still have a layer of fat over those muscles you won’t have a 6 pack.

So, the simple answer is to eat healthier foods. Cut out all that junk food, like fast food and start reaching for fruits and vegetables more often. By snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day you’ll find that you’re actually less hungry, and you’ll stop binge eating junk food.

You also want to make sure you exercise at least twice per week. Running  or jogging is great if you can do it. And if you really want to get rid of your belly fat as soon as possible, start doing interval training.

Interval training consists of doing sprints for thirty seconds and then stopping to walk for one minute, and then doing sprints again for thirty more seconds. You should feel like you’re about to die after doing interval training, so if you don’t get that feeling you’re doing it wrong.

Getting a 6 pack isn’t easy, but it’s definitely a great thing to have. Set aside two months and follow these steps to get the 6 pack you always wanted.

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