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How To Get Rid Of HyperTension – High Blood Pressure The Silent Killer

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High blood pressure is a big problem in the United States, as stats have shown that over 55 million people suffer from this epidemic. However, most of these people with hypertension aren’t taking any steps to help their condition. They still eat the same foods, exercise the same amount, and work the same amount of hours. But, high blood pressure is not something you play around with… especially since heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and it’s caused by hypertension. Here’s what you should do to prevent and stop it:

You should be visiting your doctor on a regular basis and getting bi-annual checkups of your blood pressure. But you shouldn’t just rely on the medications given to you by your doctor. You should be proactive and make the lifestyle changes you can to stop high blood pressure in its tracks.

One thing you can do immediately to lower your blood pressure over time is to start exercising everyday. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, but it should be enough so that your heart rate increases over 100 bpm. Start by taking 30 minute walks everyday for a couple of weeks, and slowly move up to jogging.

Another thing you can do to control your blood pressure is to start eating healthier foods. Throw away all the junk food you normally eat, and start buying more fruits and vegetables. Cut out meats for awhile, and substitute them with beans. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll start looking better too.

Taking control of your blood pressure is not something you can afford to play around with. It’s like letting your engine get clogged up by dirt and muck, instead of performing oil changes on a regular basis. With a few minor adjustments in your lifestyle, you can lower your blood pressure without needing medication.

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