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Acai Ultra Lean Review – Will Acai Ultra Lean Help You Lose Weight?

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New weight loss fads and diets hit the market every single day, but the problem is, most of them don’t work.  And now there’s a new acai berry supplement called Acai Ultra Lean that claims to help you lose up to 40 pounds in only 30 days! We’ve done a lot of research on acai berry diets, and it seems they usually work very well. But, can taking Acai Ultra Lean actually help you lose over 30 pounds in under a month? Here’s what happened when we tested it…

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We ordered free trials of the product online and received it in the mail in 4 days. We then asked one of our employees who was trying to lose weight to give Acai Ultra Lean a test over the next four weeks. She agreed to the experiment.

Our volunteer started taking one pill in the morning and one pill before going to sleep. After taking the supplement for only 3 days, she already began reporting positive benefits. For instance, she said she already lost 4 pounds, and felt like she had a whole bunch of energy.

She  then continued taking the supplement for the full 4 weeks. When the experiment was over, she had lost a whopping 28 pounds of fat by using Acai Ultra Lean! We were shocked by her results. Not only that, but she said her quality of sleep improved as well, and she had more energy than ever before.

We asked her if she experienced any negative side effects while taking the supplement, and she  responded with a firm no. In fact, since Acai Ultra Lean is made with 100% all natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about experiencing negative side effects (unless you’re allergic to berries).  It seems that there really are certain products that can help you lose weight in a short period of time.

If you’re ready to lose over 20 pounds of fat in one month, you should definitely order your free trial of Acai Ultra Lean before they run out…

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