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Acai Slim Maxx Scam – OFFICIAL Acai Slim Maxx Review

June 8, 2010 by admin  
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We tested Acai Slim Maxx on our team of members who wanted to lose weight within a matter of weeks. Is the product a scam? What were the results? Did Acai Slim Maxx prove to deliver on it’s promised weight loss results? How much weight did they end up losing after the 2-week trial period? Find out more in our official Acai Slim Maxx Reviews below…

We started by giving Acai Slim Maxx to all of the members in our trial study who took the supplement once daily. After a period of two weeks of taking the product, all of them came back into our laboratory for analysis to see how their bodies and weight compared to before they started taking Acai Slim Maxx.

The results were astonishing! Although we here at test a lot of products in the weight loss industry, many of which usually have amazing results, this product clearly stood ahead of the competition and every single person in the test lost 15 pounds in their first week with little or no exercise!

Now, we’re excited to be conducting more studies with Acai Slim Maxx and we’d like to see if it can get even better results with heavy physical training with a personal trainer. The compounds inside the supplement help you lose weight, build muscle, tone your body, alleviate stress, increase energy levels, boost your metabolism and enhance mental focus.

What’s even better is that there is a limited time free trial available right now from the manufacturer which you can get by following the instructions below, be sure to enter the Promo Code: REBATE so that you will get the product virtually for free, just pay shipping now and you’ll get your order in the mail right away. We guarantee you’ll be very pleased with the results!

1.) Go to Acai Slim Maxx website

2) Enter Promo Code: REBATE

3.) Send us your results!

In conclusion, we highly recommend Acai Slim Maxx, as the number one life-changing weight loss product on the market today and the number one in it’s class out of all acai berry products available online and in stores.

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