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Acai Max Cleanse – Worth the Money? We Put It To The Test!

May 31, 2010 by admin  
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Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about this whole new “Acai Berry Craze”. We here at wanted to give Acai Max Cleanse a solid test as it appears to be the BEST weight loss product on the market right now and the top product of all the acai berry supplements out there. We had several different participants in our study, all from different age groups and weight classes and all of which had very suprising results using the product in our research study. Is Acai Max Cleanse worth the money? Read our Acai Max Cleanse Review to find out…

The first couple of tests we did involved our users taking Acai Max Cleanse once daily for a period of 3 weeks. We had 5 participants, 3 female and 2 male, all take the supplement and they all came from different weight classes – a couple were 125-150 pounds, others were 180+ pounds and one was even 250 pounds. The results were simply astonishing! All of the participants experienced massively shocking results and lost 10 pounds within the first week. The second week results were even more shocking, since their bodies had started adapting to the supplement, they started shedding pounds even quicker and lost an average of 15 pounds in their second week. Over the entire three weeks, most of the participants lost about 35 pounds, which was about 10+ pounds per week of weight loss.

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The people who used Acai Max Cleanse also reported increased energy levels, superior stamina and an overall happy feeling throughout their day, every single day that they took the supplement. In fact, the results were so great that many of them asked us where they could buy the product now but we told them that they had to wait until the product became available to be sold to the public and that once it became available we would give them the SPECIAL Promo Code which we are offering for the first time, here are the instructions to how you can use this same promo code to get a free trial of Acai Max Cleanse:

1.) Go to Acai Max Cleanse website

2.) Enter PROMO Code: RISKFREE for reduced shipping costs

3.) Enjoy the Results!

In conclusion, from our study, we were shocked to discover the weight loss potential of Acai Max Cleanse and we highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to lose weight fast. You’ll be able to fit into those clothes you always wanted to wear, you’ll look great in a bikini or swimsuit, and you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Here’s the breakdown of the benefits you’ll gain by ordering this free trial now….

– Average weight loss of 10+ pounds per week

– Increased energy levels

– Fast weight loss results

– Boost in metabolism

– Reduced appetite

– Stronger, toned muscles

– Eliminating toxins in your body

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