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2009 Let it Shine!

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There are large changes happening in our society. We can embrace them and develop much better lives for ourselves or resist them and create extra strife, more hate, much more crime, and more un “happiness”.

Let’s take the high road and work for change, for happiness for ourselves, for each other and for our society. each other. We are so lucky to reside in a country, where we have freedom to be authentic, freedom to reside a life of abundance. All we’ve to do is “change our pondering patterns”. If we wish to feel better, enhance our relationships or change our behavior, our ideas are the place to start. Our ideas grow to be our feelings and our feelings become our actions. This new way of pondering is contagious which is why so quite a few individuals are excited about President-elect Barack Obama. The ideas and actions of the initial African American President is extremely different from what we have had throughout the last administration. Not better, not worse…. Just different It will probably be interesting to see how the modifications manifest in our society.

My focus for the month of January is on abundance. As a  culture  our focus has been on scarcity and isolation. (I can do it myself). Let’s adjust the paradigm to a culture of abundance, gratitude and unity. It will take time so to accomplish this goal, this is not a “quick fix”. This month, write down your thoughts. Grab a pad of paper, an iphone or your computer and during the day jot down your ideas about yourself and others. That’s it for this month….next month will be another exciting challenge. Together we can modify our world… one thought at a time.

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